The Sawer is a long-ranged weapon developed for Xero and employed by himduring the events of Xionic Madness 1.


One of the few long range weapons made for Xero, the Sawer is a throwing weapon with the shape of a ninja star and the size of a football ball.

It is equipped with a gyroscope that allows it to return back to the user's hand. The blades around this weapon move non-stop, in a very similar manner to a chainsaw. This makes the weapon equally dangerous for the enemy and the user, as Xero has to be extremely careful to avoid cuts when retrieving the Sawer.

Even thought it was designed for long ranged purposes, it can also be used as a melee weapon, should the situation arise.


Xionic Madness 1Edit

Sawer returning

A Sawer returning to Xero's hand after killing a security staff

Xero is seen using this weapon throughout part one, during the elimination mission against the BIO INT laboratory. Even though Xero excels in Close Quarter Combat, he makes use of this weapon in order to eliminate escaping targets or isolated opponents, for instance, using this weapon once in order to neutralize a Bio Int. Security Guard. After Bolverk Squad finishes the mission and manages to eliminate XV, Xero never uses this weapon again.




The Nightstar

  • The Sawer does not appear after Xionic Madness 1 because after Xero steals the Cervical Armor at the beginning of Xionic Madness 3, the Sawer is replaced by the Nightstar, a superior long ranged weapon.