The Ripper is an experimental weapon used by Xero during the beginning of the Xionic Madness series.


Made by BIO INT, the Ripper was created in order to increase the user's destructive capabilities. The weapon has a six inch long grip and a 3 foot long blade with a chainsaw-like track inside of it and a small engine near the hilt that smokes when the blade is activated.

The blade combines effectively the slice capacity of a regular sword with the destructive potential of a chainsaw. It's main use, besides from causing a painful death to it's victim, is for anti-armor purposes. Ripping a tank's armor to shreds is a easy task with this weapon.


Xionic Madness 1Edit

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Xero uses Ripper to cut the ATD's leg

Xero is seen wielding this weapon on his back throughout the start of the incursion, preferring to use Slicer and Hollow to fend off regular soldiers. However, after the two blades were broken when trying to pierce the ATD's armor, Xero was forced to use the Ripper. The sword prove to be extremely effective against armored foes, as it managed to cut two of the walker's legs in two consecutive strikes. He finally managed to kill the tank by piercing its weak point.

Xero later uses the Ripper to eliminate a group of infected beings that assaulted the team.

Xionic Madness 1.5Edit

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Xero uses Ripper to kill a scientist

Xero uses the Ripper to kill a member of the Bio Int. Black Ops and threaten another soldier to open a locked door. After Xero enters to a presumably safe area, he is greeted by a group of scientists. Giving them a chance to escape unharmed, Xero tells them to surrender, but to his surprise, the scientists draw small caliber pistols and aim at him. Xero uses Ripper to fight them off, dispatching them easily.


Trivia Edit

  • The Ripper may be inspired by the Chainsword, an one-handed sword with a chainsaw edge that appears on the tabletop strategy game Warhammer 40,000.