Rank 1 Soldiers are part of the fighting personnel of MBORF. Xero and Omega fight a great number of them after their escape in Xionic Madness 3.


Rank 1 Soldiers are trained human soldiers between 20 and 30 years old. Features like height, weight and physical characteristics vary from person to person.

Their uniform consist on a black trench coat, grey t-shirt, black gloves and combat boots. Some individuals also use sunglasses.


Xionic Madness 3Edit

Xero stabs soldier

Xero kills a Rank 1 soldier

They are deployed in great numbers in order to stop Omega and Xero because of the magnitude of their escape. However, they prove to be of little use, as it was easy for the two cyborgs to cut them down and keep advancing. The failure of regular troops was the reason the Overseer activating the O. Project and the X. Project.

Xionic Madness 4Edit

Many soldiers are brought back to life by Kary-08 in order to fight Omega and Xero. Some Rank 1 soldiers came back to life, this time as vengeful zombies.


They hold the lowest rank among MBORF soldiers, being mostly used for civilian control and minor problems. Due to their poor training, lack of discipline and denial to the use of higher class weapons, Rank 1 soldiers are closer to cannon fodder than to a functional soldier.

Rank 1 soldiers wield a great variety of weapons, such as baseball bats, wrenches, several types of swords and hammers.