The Petrol Silhouette is a Cervical Armor upgrade used by Xero during his fight against Kary-08 during the events of Xionic Madness 4.


The Petrol Silhouette upgrade allows the user to create clones of himself for short periods of time, short but enough to land a strike on any target. The clones, despite their name, are composed majorly of blood, dust and any other substance around the immediate area. The Silhouettes, however, cannot use any kind of weapon, which turns them into unarmed pieces of weaponry.

The Cervical Armor's software allows the user to create clones as soon as the download starts.


Xionic Madness 4Edit

Xero downloads the upgrade from a nearby satellite after Omega links their armors with it. Xero uses his copies in the fight against Kary and her army of zombies.


  • The Petrol Silhouettes are inspired in the special cloning ability of Noob Saibot, one of the characters of the saga of fighting games Mortal Kombat.