The O. Project is a robot created under the apparent direction of the Overseer to replace the original cyborg Omega. After he escapes from his containment, the robot was sent to eliminate him and his comrade Xero along X. Project.


O. project appears to be roughly identical in appearance to Omega prior to his recent capture. Although its face is never seen, its body is equal to Omega's and it has short spiky hair. Because Omega had stolen the Cervical Armor, intended for robot Omega, it was equipped with Omega's overdrive armor from the "XV termination" operation at the last minute.

Just like the X. Project, it secretes a synthetic green fluid from its wounds rather than blood.


O. Project neither speaks nor demonstrates any emotion. It only obeys orders without question, as intended by the Overseer.


Prior to the events of the story, O. Project was conceived as a substitute of Omega after an outburst of compassion caused the death of 3 soldiers. The Overseer did not consider Omega a safe asset after that incident, so they decided to create robotic clones capable of mimicking his abilities. At the same time, this incident was one of the reasons Bolverk Squad started to become the chosen force for suicidal missions.

After Xero and Omega escape, analysis of their fighting style and weapons is uploaded into O. Project and its companion, as their originals use them in combat.

Xionic Madness 3Edit

The Projects' arrival

O. Project and X. Project arrive to the battlefield

The robot Omega appears for the first time at a train station, destroying the train the two soldiers were going to use to escape. It then starts fighting Omega while Xero battles his robotic double. The fight is very close, as both combatants end up hurting each other during the fight, as every time Omega changes weapon, O. Project changes as well in order to mirror him.

Omega versus O. Project

Omega and O. Project clashing inside the train

The fight goes on inside the train station and later, all 4 combatants jump into a trai. After O. Project and his companion begin to outclass Xero and Omega, the latter realizes that their fighting prowess comes from analysis of the battles before arriving to the train station. He then tells Xero to use his Longinus Knife instead (X Project even defines the Longinus Knife as a massive threat). Omega's strategy comes to fruition, as he and his companion manage to get the upper hand, the clones unable to follow their fighting techniques with their knives.

Both clones meet their demise after being stabbed. As a consequence, a giant explosion caused by the Longinus Knives destroys part of the city.


An almost perfect clone of Omega, O. Project manages to equal its original in both physical abilities and fighting prowess.

Physical abilitiesEdit

Its most important abilities include:

  • Fighting technique: The fact that it possesses Omega's fighting techniques makes it stand above most combatants. This knowledge also gives it the chance to fight toe to toe against its original, always switching to his opponent's weapon.
  • Superhuman strength: O. Project strength is comparable to that of a Cervical Armor user. Along X. Project, they destroy a locomotive after falling on top of it. It also manages to equal Omega's physical strength, wrestling with him at an equal level. O. Project is also able to launch Omega several meters into the air (his Cervical Armor weights over a ton) and break solid rock after delivering blows.
  • Superhuman durability: O. Project is able to withstand multiple physical attacks and shots of Omega's weapons. The injures that it suffers do not seem to undermine its effectiveness in combat.
  • Superhuman speed: Although far from Xero and the X. Project, the O. Project is able to move faster than regular humans. it was able to dodge a train and climb to its top of it in a matter of seconds. When it and Omega fight with knives, both fighter managed to strike several times per second.
  • Weapon Warp-In technology: Just like Omega and Xero, the clones have the ability to materialize any weapon previously downloaded into their system. This technology not only allows them to adapt to almost every fighting situation, but it also gives O. Project infinite ammunition.
  • Cloned DNA: Its ultimate weakness, the similarity between its genetic code and Omega's made it vulnerable to the Longinus Knife. This finally proves to be the cause of its demise.


Thanks to the strange weapon unlocking system that Omega and Xero had to pass after acquiring their Cervical Armor, O. Project has the opportunity to analyze Omega's performance with each of his guns separately. As a consequence, the clone is able to imitate and counter each of Omega's attacks just by switching to his opponent´s weapon. It proves to have the same level of dexterity that Omega has.

The weapons that O. Project is able to use are:


  • It is unknown why O. Project was not able to duplicate the Longinus Knife. There are two main reasons: O. Project and X. Project could not imitate weapons that had not been used previously; or only members of Bolverk Squad are able to posses a Longinus Knife.

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