The O. Project is a robot created under the apparent direction of the Overseer to replace the original cyborg Omega. Because Omega had stolen the Cervical Armor, intended for robot Omega, it was equipped with Omega's overdrive armor from the "XV termination" operation at the last minute. It neither speaks nor demonstrates emotions, obeying orders without question as intended by the Overseer.

It appears to be roughly identical in appearance to the Omega prior to his recent capture. It should be noted that when it fought Omega, the two always had the same weapon out at the same time which is the result of battle data gathered earlier affecting the robot's tactical decision making. Like the X. Project, it secretes green fluid from its wounds rather than blood.

History Edit

Xionic Madness 3Edit

The robot Omega appears at a train station and fights Omega and Xero alongside Xero's robotic double. It is destroyed when Omega stabs it with his Longinus Knife.

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