The Light Arrow is a weapon in the Xionic Madness Series that belongs to Xero. It made its first appearance in Xionic Madness 4 Part 1.


Primary FunctionEdit

A versatile weapon that features two blades which provide a different fighting tactic. It's worth to be noted, though, both blades are facing forward, so a different kind of training is need for this weapon instead of your regular twin-bladed weapons, as spinning attacks would not be as effective as in regular twin blades.

Secondary FunctionEdit

Besides the base weapon, the Light Arrow features a small but powerful electrical capacitor, which enable (Provided the user is wearing a compatible glove) to create arrow-like projectiles out of thin air. Needless to say, the user is strongly suggested to receive some kind of bow and arrow training beforehand.


Xionic Madness 4 Parts 1-3Edit

Light Arrow is downloaded by Xero via satellite. This weapon is used both against Kary-08 and her undead horde.