The Leviathans comprise part of the robotic infantry of MBORF. These machines face Omega and Xero during the events of Xionic Madness 3.


Leviathans are mechanical in nature. They have an humanoid frame and have the heigh and proportions of regular humans. They are clad in black metal armor and some rivets can be seen. Their helmet offers a cross-shaped visor that emits a white light when they are operative. When hurt, a synthetic green fluid comes out of its wounds.

They are armed with dual blades on one hand and a short ranged cannon on the other.


Xionic Madness 3Edit

Leviathan assault Omega

Omega aims at an enemy Leviathan

After Omega and Xero manage to escape, Leviathans are deployed along many other forces in order to stop them. The first one is deployed inside a cafeteria-like room. Omega and Xero are able to fend off the Leviathan by coordinating their attacks. However, as three more Leviathans arrive, Omega and Xero are forced to run away because they had not got their Cervical Armor yet.

Although they are superior to regular soldiers, Leviathans are not enough to stop Omega and Xero once they both get Cervical Armor. They are deployed several times in order to stop them, but those attempts prove to be unsuccessful.


The Leviathans are the first step towards functional robotic infantry. Close Quarter Combat specialists, they were created with the purpose of surpassing everything a flesh soldier could do on the battlefield. They have several superhuman abilities:

  • Superhuman strength: Leviathans are stronger than regular humans. They shatter the ground when entering combat, and one of them almost overpowers Xero when their weapons collide. Even though Xero did not have his Cervical Armor at the moment, no regular human had managed such a feat.
  • Superhuman durability: Leviathans seem to be more durable than a regular person. They are able to withstand impacts from small caliber guns, and to endure several hits from the weapons of a Cervical Armor user. However, enough physical damage will finally bring them down.
  • Teleportation: This ability is very similar to the Weapon Warp-In technology. Leviathan soldiers are able to materialize themselves out of thin air in a matter of seconds. This ability allows them to ambush enemies, but it is not used during combat. It is unknown how far can Leviathans teleport themselves.