The Infected beings are humans who have come into contact with XV. They are found in the BIO INT laboratory during the events of Xionic Madness 1, 1.5 and 2.


Infected beings have a humanoid build, with 2 arms, 2 legs and a head. However, that is were the similarities stop.

Their skin is mainly black, with some bioluminescent white stripes. Their mouths, which are only seen when opened, have jagged irregular teeth and their back has two solid spikes at the scapular lever. However, the most prominent feature are their large, bladed tails.

Infected beings have proven to be very aggressive and attack any form of life they see.

Story Edit

Xionic Madness 1Edit

These infected beings are first seen in XV's lab. Askad unintentionally sets them free when he removes the security locks leading into the area. He is stabbed by their tail immediately after, and blows himself up to get rid of them, not before giving Xero the N8 in order to complete the mission.

Xionic Madness 2Edit

The XV spawn appear briefly in this episode, and attack Xero, who swiftly kills them all, before destroying multiple BIO int. helicopters. The rest of the infected beings were likely destroyed after the N8 detonated.


Infected beings are stronger and more dangerous than a regular human. Their most prominent feature is their notable aggressiveness. Infected beings attack everyone that they come in contact with in almost suicidal attacks.

They also have several superhuman abilities:

  • Superhuman strength: Infected beings are strong enough to lift a full grown human with their tails effortlessly. One of them managed to pin Omega down for a few moments before been dispatched.
  • Superhuman speed: They usually move using all 4 limbs and have proven to be faster than a regular human.
  • Superhuman agility: Infected beings are able to jump great distances and latch themselves from walls, such as the infected that injured Askad.

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