The Blue Shark is one of the weapons employed by Xero in Xionic Madness 2.


Primary FunctionEdit

Blue Shark is a four feett long sword, with an eleven inch grip, and one inch hilt, as well as a three foot blade. It is upgrade of Xero's previous blade, Slicer, as Blue Shark is slightly lighter than its predecessor without reducing its toughness.

Secondary FunctionEdit

Xero can detach the blade and shoot it at his enemies as a means of attack. It is unknown what kind of propellant uses the sword to shoot the blade, but the projectile is fast enough to pierce flesh and military-graded armor. After Xero shoots the blade, the thrown blade disintegrates into raw energy, flows back into Xero's sword, and the blade regenerates itself back into its usual self.


Xionic Madness 2Edit

Xero beheads Red Spy

Xero uses Blue Shark to behead a Red Spy

Xero is seen using this weapon trying to deflect bullets in Xionic Madness 2 after a group of soldiers corners him in a hallway. Xero uses both Blue Shark and Red Hill to protect himself from enemy fire. After a short charge, Xero manages to engage the soldiers, eliminating them with a series of attack with Red Hill, but when one of the soldiers is about to attack him from the back, Xero employs Blue Shark's special attack to shoot the blade, impacting and killing the enemy soldier.

After overcoming this obstacle, Xero is assaulted by a group of spies. Once again, he eliminates them using a combination of attacks with Red Hill and using his great speed to ambush them stealthily. After there is only one spy left, Xero uses Blue Shark to behead the last enemy.