The Bloody Doll is a unique weapon used by Omega. It was employed in his fight against XV in order to finish off his opponent.


The Bloody Doll resembles a tool rather than a gun. It consists of a black syringe-like hand gun that creates ammo from the users blood and brain cells. Since the user's blood is linked with his armor and the blood has to be linked with the Bloody Doll, only Omega is able to use it.

After filling the vial, the Bloody Doll is able to solidify the fluid and manipulate it in a three-dimensional environment. The gun used its user's blood as homing missiles capable of tracking enemies. The firing is activated by voice, allowing 7 levels of power and presumably several attack forms.

Although it is unknown how lethal this weapon is be at maximum level, the proyectiles fire by the Bloody Doll are one of the fastest of Omega's arsenal, only paired with the Obliterator.

However, the Bloody Doll takes a toll on the user. It has been proven, that with repeated use, the IQ of the user will lower. It was also proven after extensive testing that it could also endanger the user's life.


Xionic Madness 2Edit

Bloody Doll in action

Bloody Doll in action against XV

It was used by Omega in Xionic Madness 2 to destroy XV.

Omega is seen using this weapon only once at the end of his fight with XV. In order to finish off the fight, he draws a full tank from himself, and fires uses a level 4 shot with the voice command Seek and destroy. This forces XV to make an energy tortoise shell shield in order to protect himself from the attack. In response, Omega rushes up and stabs him in the back with his Loner, killing him instantly.


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Description of Bloody Doll

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