The Ballistica is one of Omega's main weapons. This weapon is seen throughout Xionic Madness 3, during the battle of between Kary, Xero, and Omega in Xionic Madness 4 before they are transformed into Gauntlets, an upgraded version of the Ballistica that doesn't need to be held to be used. This sub machinegun, or SMG, weighs about 15 kilograms and fires 5.56 mm Super heated Rounds. A single magazine holds 270 compressed bullets while the gun itself fires at a rate of 2,000 shots per minute. This weapon fires a 3 round burst of 3 bullets each using all of its cannons.


  • Xionic Madness 3
  • Xionic Madness 4-1
  • Xionic Madness 4-2

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