BIO INT Scientists are scientists and researchers working for BIO INT.


BIO INT scientists resemble regular people. Their attire consists of a white coat and grey boots and gloves. Most of them seem to have a floating pad following them.


Scientists are investigators and researchers, so they are not prepared for combat. However, some of them would fight to keep their own lives.


Xionic Madness 1.5Edit

They appeared for the first time in Xionic Madness 1.5 where they were encountered by Xero while he was looking for a place to recharge Kary. Xero instructed the scientists to lay down their weapons, but the scientists instead attempted to shoot him. Xero unsurprisingly responded by cutting them down with the Ripper.

Several more scientists soon teleported in via teleport belts, but Xero was able to kill them as well.


Scientists are not a main combat unit, so they are not quite proficient in this field. However, some of them try to kill Xero with small caliber pistols when he approached them and show proficiency with guns. However, it prove insufficient to stop Xero.

Scientists are valued more for their minds and creativity. They are responsible for the creation of most of the technology seen in the world.