The Armadillo is a portable missile launcher that was designed and used by Askad during numerous black ops missions. This weapon holds the physical appearance of an actual Armadillo and is intended to offer the protection equivalency of its shell translated into warfare standards. A highly versitile weapon that fires .80 HE semi-homing missiles with a maximum velocity of approximately 200 m/s within reaches of up to a maximum of 2,000 meters but can also act as a close quarters combat weapon. It is also able to sustain damage from small explosions so long as the user is able to handle the resulting force from the impact. Weighing in on 64.3 kilograms, this is also considerably lightweight for a weapon that could distribute massive power added with its firing rate of 10 shots p/m.


  • Xionic Madness 3
  • Xionic Madness 4