The All Purpose Sword (Abbreviated as APS) is one of the weapons Xero downloads during the events of Xionic Madness 3.


ASPs are one-handed swords. The blade of the sword is grey, with some rivets holding the structure, and the edge is white. The sword has a brown handle and a black hilt that protects the user's hands.

As the names suggests, the APS's are supposed to be the jack of all trades of the swords, managing to help the user achieve every objective but without focusing on one particular feature. These weapons are incredibly light, sharp and expendable. Their only purpose is to be available and ready for use when no better weapon is close combat. They can be discarded once higher-class weapons become available and can be retracted inside the hilt for better versatility.


Xionic Madness 3Edit

Xero kills ASP

Xero kills a soldier with the ASP

The APS is one of the first weapons used by Xero after activating his Cervical Armor. Xero employs this sword to eliminate a small group of Rank 1 Soldiers. The sword proves to be very effective against light-armored targets, but as his rush towards the train station advances, more and more troops start to appear, and more dangerous enemies stand in his way. As a consequence, Xero decides to stop making use of the APS in favor of more "advanced" weapons, such as the Aeroblade, Nightstar and Bloodwire.

Xionic Madness 4Edit

Kary destroys APS

Kary destroyes the APSs with her energy shield

Xero is also seen using two APSs against Kary, attacking her after after she tries to trick Omega and himself. However, Xero was disarmed and lost his two APSs during the first moments of the fight. After avoiding a powerful energy ball, Xero dragged Kary between the fallen APSs and himself. He then latched onto the two swords with his Bloodwire and yanked them towards him, trying to hit Kary. However, Kary's energy shield disintegrated the swords before they impacted her.

After losing his two APSs, Xero keeps fighting against Kary and her zombie army using other weapons such as Light Arrow and Red Fang.